VEKC 2020

The 1st virtual European Kubb Championships

Driven by the current situation around the world, it is not possible to follow up several beloved activities. Unfortunately, kubb tournaments are affected as well.
Since playing alone can get very boring, several initiatives started for diverse virtual challenges.

As organizers of the EKC20, the DKubbB will use this opportunity by following up and creating the vEKC20. There won’t be any prices and trophies, but we want to carry the feeling of competition via the internet into your backyard. 

With trust, fairplay, by staying safe and (most importantly) healthy, we hope you take part in the virtual European Kubb Championship and this amazing experience.

Tournament overview

A quick look at the Virtual EKC 2020

Date: 04th of July 2020 (original date of the EKC2020)
Maximum number of teams: 80

Start at 9:00 CEST
End of Swiss System group stage: 16:30
End of K.O. stage: 20:00

We play virtual Kubb based on text messages (see below for instructions on how it works).
Video chat is optional. However, we encourage all teams reaching the K.O. stage to live stream their matches.
So, if you expect to reach the quarterfinals, please be prepared to live stream 😉

Team size is 2 or more players per team.
By requiring only 2 players per team we hope that you are allowed to play Kubb all over Europe.
If you are allowed to meet with more than 2 people, we would like you to set up your team with a minimum of 3 players to give as many players as possible the chance to participate at the vEKC.

Please respect the latest laws of your country or region considering the corona virus!

Don’t hesitate to contact us, in case of open questions. 

Tournament system

Detailed information about the tournament

Swiss System with 7 rounds and a maximum of 2 sets each round.

Time limit of 40 Minutes per round, no tie-break.
When the time limit is reached, the current round is finished. If you cannot finish a set, it will not count for the result.
Possible results for each round are: 2:0, 1:1, 1:0 or even 0:0.

10 minutes break between each round and 1 hour lunch break after 4 rounds.

Random seeding of the teams in the first round. Quarterfinals for the 8 best teams.

We use the official EKC rule set. See the section about virtual Kubb for some specific considerations regarding virtual kubb.

If a team does not show up after 10 min, the opponent gets a 1:0. If a team does not show up after 20 min the opponent wins 2:0.

We use the Discord App and Platform for communication during the tournament.

Please install the Discord App on your mobile phone. After registration, you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to join the tournament channel.


You want to be part of the 1st vEKC? SIGN UP!

registration information

Registration fees: Pay-What-You-Want
As a virtual Kubb-tournament is based on trust, there will be no prices for the best teams and players. In addition, there are no expenses for any kind of infrastructure. Considering this, YOU can choose your registration fee by your own to support Kubb in Europe.

Please pay the optional registration fee by money transfer to the following bank account:
Name: Deutscher Kubb-Bund
Address: Wiesenstraße 27, 76891 Bruchweiler-Bärenbach
IBAN: DE36 5425 0010 0072 0024 96
Communication: vEKC20 + your team name

Registration limits*: To ensure that every country gets a fair chance to be part of the EKC, we apply the following rule: All nations have a maximum of 10% of the slots in the first 1.5 weeks. The national Kubb federations have the right to submit a list of teams, with a maximum of 10% of the slots, before the start of the registration.

Additional teams are added to the waiting list.
After 1.5 weeks, the registration list will be filled up in a specific sequence, where each country gets one slot after the other.

Phase 2 of the registration will start on the 17th of June, 19:00 (CEST)

*Why do we set limits of registration to the tournaments? Because we attach the greatest value to an attractive and well-balanced tournament mode and process: Short waiting times, long playing times, less tie-breaks and as much fun as possible for everyone.


Please choose what you want to see

registered teams

this list will be updated regularly

1RojatschiStefan Obrist // Jacky Suter // Roger Ammann
2ILTISGrit Thor // Andreas Thor // Henrik Menger
3Team KubbmeistersTom Dahlström // Johan Lode Lundin
4Pirates of the KubbibianWouter Maes // Jeroen Maes // Patje  // Gert Verhaegen
5Wuzzies Whisky-PandasPascal Meury // Marco Bleiker // Michel Maouhoub
6Holzi Holzi HolzMarco Lindenschmidt // Frank Engels-Schall // Jenny Lindenschmidt
7RekubblikanernaPeter Bergendahl // Gunilla Thörnwall Bergendahl // Diana Lindén
8Hakuba MatataFabian Demey // Kjell Vanhauwaert // Jenne Van Eeckhout
9Loui-Gang 😼Aline Rennhard // Nicolas Vögeli
10Kubb-SHSven Jähne // Boris Kaufmann
11Blue/OrangeFredrik Wallin // Alexander Olofsson // Marcel Genal
12Pasar ActiefDomien Debergh // Tom Vanbiesen // Andres Beeckman
13SADAdrian Meier // Silvan Zünd // Oliver Spiess
14Die TeutonenOlaf Klemt // Wolfgang Köhler
15Blue/Orange 2.0Joakim Ekelöf // Per Norman
16Pasar Actief The SequelStef Dierickx // Duncan Braeckevelt // Frank Bewaert
17Ed WaldstrømRebecca Carlyle // Sophie Fischer // Stephanie Kalt
18Kubb Kubb HurraVolker  // Wolfgang  // John 
19StrandedGooseJosef Björklund // Jesper Hederstedt // Linus Pettersson // Jonathan Snöbohm // Jim Lind // David Nedolugin
20ChouffekubbersJeffrey Verhoye // Dimitri Decrock // Kjell Vanacker
21ÖpfelbaumLukas Huser // Roger Züst // Philipp Grob
22jpv kubb gamesJulian Vorrink // Stefan Vorrink // fuchski 
23Team HubschrauberManne Winarve // Rickard Thomasson
24A king, a pirate and a beastNicolas Neyt // Kim Wallaert // Kim Heremans
25BreitizoneMarc Binder // Patrick Rufer // Manuel Perrass
26de Woody‘sAlexander Patzer // Erik Niemierski
27Team Hubschrauber 2Kristofer Funk // Mattis Nilsson // Rasmus Funk
28De generatiekloofLeon Mommerency // Ronald Vancraeynest // Jurgen Mommerency
29Leg🦆re Badehoes 🩳Cyril Füglister // Christoph Fischer // Franz Ludwig
30Forrest & SeaIlja Maks // Robert Harnack
31Raccoon Cub Kubb ClubNate Hartley // Christie Hartley // Dan Feeny
32VanitasStanda Holakovský // Roman Nosek // Tomas Cvejn
33CDE Getafe AlternativoJosé Ignacio Labrado Crespo // Manuel Martínez Gámez
34Tchouball kubb LeganésSergio Avila // Isabel Perez // Julio Yuste
35FKK ÖKOsJakob Hanslik // Manfred Hesch //  
36Kubbulus NimbusEva Zainer // Jenny Gruber // Andreas Diestelberger
37Bärolina BorussenSebastian Siegling // Fabian Wolfram // Johannes Haase Siegling
38DissersJan Boogemans // Koen Mertens // Ward Marien
39Hägar 3.0Christoffer Köhler // Simon Wadle // Jens Meier
40No RagretsJoakim Lyander // Markus Nilsson // Malte Rieem Lindgren // Simon Pettersson
41Kubbs on FireStefan Dossche // Jarre Forment // Henk Van Vynckt // Gil Brusseel
42ThunderkubbAnnabel Georges // Marlies Georges // Brecht Van Durme
43The miese helicoper boysAlex Eeckhout // Rudy Van Limbergen // Maurice De Ryck // Julien Heremans
44Under constructionGiovanni Welvaert // Jorn Lagaet // Stef Steyaert
45de Woodys WomanKatja Patzer // Sabrina Nelhübel // Nina Göll-Niemierski
46Royal kubbLudovic Langlois // Olivier Delannoy // Sébastien Emerald // Christophe Bouissonnié
47Bekubbst Derop!!!Hans Van Den Eynde // Brend Van Den Eynde // Kristof Hellinckx
48de Woodys YoungsterAndreas Nelhübel // Nils Patzer
49CDE Getafe Alternativo #2Luis Muñiz // Teresa Zafra // Not Confirmed
50wwkHolger Meier // Christina Bogner // Andreas Bogner // Axel Plagge // Heike Plagge
51Kovera Error 404Bram Bertels // Shari Lenaerts // Senne Lenaerts
52Skubb onder a gatJelle Timmermans // Davy Stallaert // Jens Lietanie
53De Giuseppe und sini KubbcrewSeverin Häfliger // Giulio Boazzo // Jonas Keller
54KGBMolette Nicolas // Courmontagne Steven // Doulet Pierre // Vanderriele Frederic
55Bomba StickLim Jetski // Lars Jetski // Niemand Niemand

Waiting list:


Virtual Kubb

How to play virtual kubb

Two teams will play Kubb against each other, independently from their location. The game is based on two concepts, which allow teams from different countries to participate and to enjoy the fun: trust and fairplay.

  • Place one´s trust – from experience it is needed to trust your opponent and vice versa. Without watching the moves from your opponent, you can enjoy the game and ensure that you will not be cheated.
  • If you share a picture from your field and your team, you will see with whom you share this experience.
  • Otherwise, everything will be the same, since we play with the official EKA rules.
  • You are responsible for setting up your own Kubb pitch
  • Please log-in to the Discord channel in time, so the organization team can check that all teams are present.
  • Immediately after announcing the matches, you meet your opponent in a dedicated discord channel for your “pitch”
  • Before you start, check if your opponent is ready and you can start the game immediately.
  • You announce the beginning and your team partner will do the king toss.
  • Take a picture from your result or measure the distance between the baton and the king. Send this to your opponent.
  • Both teams can now judge, who made the better throw and can choose, who will start with 2-4-6.
  • THROWING – after a quick discussion on who will start, you announce the beginning of throwing two batons. After throwing you text your opponent the result as fast as possible, by typing e.g. “+0” (if hit one Kubb: +1, two Kubbs: +2 …)
    >>> WAITING: now you have to wait for the result of your opponent (e.g. “0+3”)
  • INKASTING – you take the amount of Kubbs, which you opponent announced (“3”) and inkast them into the field. There are two rounds of inkasting. If there is still a Kubb not in the field after the second round, it is a penalty Kubb.
    Hint: you can start inkasting while your opponent is still playing their round – this will considerably speed up the match
  • SET UP – try to use your opponents perspective to set up the Kubbs by choosing always the difficult way of hitting them. Ask your opponent where to place penalty Kubbs. Common options include: 1 baton length behind the king, 7m distance into the field, or on the base line.
  • THROWING – you will start by throwing at the field Kubbs and afterwards at the base Kubbs, as usual. Text your opponent your result, e.g. you hit the 3 field Kubbs and 2 additional base Kubbs = “3+2”; Please follow this notation to ensure a transparent and simple overview about the results and of how much your opponent has to inkast in the following round.
    >>> WAITING: Now you have to wait again, until your opponent inkasted the 5 Kubbs and maybe an answer follows like “5+1”. Your opponent hit the 5 field Kubbs and an additional base Kubb.
  • INKASTING & SET UP – Respect! 6 Kubbs for you to inkast. Please be fair and set up the Kubbs, that it gets as difficult as possible for you. Also, try to stick to the rules by the EKC and judge penalty kubbs fairly, your opponent will do so too!
  • THROWING – Don’t cheat yourself and don’t make use of any “bad throwing behaviour”, like a helicopter. Maybe you have missed some Kubbs, measure the distance and text your opponent e.g. “4 … 2 left with 1.5 batons distance from mid-line”
    >>> WAITING: Be patient and you will see, a response will come quicker as you thought or collected your batons.
  • Maybe your opponent will text: “king down”. Nice move! Thanks for the game! The first set is over. If there is still time, you can start a second set, but please stay in time!

After the time limit, please report your results. The teams will be able to report the results themselves through a personalized page for each team. The winner shall report the result after each round.

Join us for this international experience, and do not hesitate to ask, if you have any questions about the gameplay. Contact us on Facebook or write us an email

vEKC TEAM 2020

This year's organizing committee


Big thanks to this year's supporters