About EKA

The European Kubb Association

In 2018 the three national Kubb associations of the Kubb paradises Belgium, Germany and Switzerland  founded the EKA – European Kubb Association. An important first step to make the international communication and Kubb more professional! But this is only the beginning – we want all the European Kubb nations to join and participate in the EKA! In 2019 Spain joined as the first additional member. In 2022 Sweden, the home of Kubb, as well as Czech Republic and France joined the EKA.

Name &

The European Kubb Association EKA is an association based on statutes in accordance with art. 60 ff. of the Swiss Civil Code.

Purpose & tasks

Our primary goal is the promotion of the sport Kubb and the collaboration between the active Kubb nations of Europe. Another main motivation is the realization of the official European Kubb Championships (EKC), which is hosted by a different country each year.

The general assembly of the EKA, which consists of delegates of each member association, discusses and decides on the hosting country, the general concept and the official rules of the EKC.

General Assembly

The general assembly is the supreme organ of the EKA and is held every year. Each member association is represented by up to three delegates. The delegates have the right to participate and vote at the general assembly.

While the general assembly is restricted to the delegates of the member associations, the minutes of the general assembly are public and will be published on this website.


Any national Kubb association representing the Kubb community in a European country can apply for membership to the EKA. You can easily apply for a membership by contacting us by e-mail to eka@kubbeurope.com

Each member association may elect or nominate up to three delegates which represent the national association at the general assembly of the EKA. Preferably, the delegates are members of the executive board of the respective national Kubb association and/or intend to be part of the organization committee of the EKC.

The annual membership fee of 30 Euros for each member nation is optional. The delegates of a national association are expected to participate and be present at the general assembly, which may cause travel expenses which cannot be covered by the EKA.

Executive Board

The current board members of the Eka