EKC 2022

The 3rd European Kubb Championships

We are proud to announce that the third edition of the European Kubb Championships will be held on the 1st and 2nd of July 2022 in Wismar, Germany. The tournament includes the 1vs1-EKC, the 3vs3-EKC, the 6vs6-EKC and the EKC Freshman’s Cup – a 3vs3 tournament for amateurs and less ambitious teams.

The goal of the EKC is the support of the national spirit of every Kubb nation. Therefore the teams and players won’t just fight for themselves – they will earn points for their nation, trying to win the overall medal count and therefore win the EKC as the best European nation of Kubb!


two days full of HIGH QUALITY kubb

The official start of the EKC’22 will take place with the opening ceremony in the Bürgerpark on Thursday (30.06.22). The tournament will start on Friday morning (01.07.22). Please note, that the official welcome by the mayor in the city hall of Wismar on Wednesday (29.06.22) is by invitation only for selected delegates per nation.

We would really appreciate, if many Kubb friends will take part on the opening ceremony on Thursday  and look forward to a great time in Wismar.

*Note that some changes to the schedule may be possible. 

**Please note, that the official welcome by the mayor on Wednesday (29.06.22) is by invitation only for selected delegates per nation.


wismar – the place to play Kubb

Wismar City
Wismar City Harbor

Wismar is located in the northeast of Germany at the Baltic Sea with almost 43,000 residents. It is a Hanseatic city and has the second largest port of the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. As UNESCO world heritage site, Wismar has an impressive historical city center with several touristic sights: The market square with magnificent facades,the ‘Wismarer Wasserkunst’, a cultural landmark, as well as the old harbor. The skyline is dominated by medieval brick churches St. Georgen, St. Marien and St, Nikolai. Many namings in Wismar derive from the time of Swedish possession between 1648 and 1803. Every year, a Swedish Festival takes place in the center of the old town including many sports highlights e.g. running and Kubb. The Kubb tournament is one the most established activities during the festival since 10 years. The mayor of Wismar, Thomas Beyer, who traditionally  opens the festival, included Kubb on his election-posters in 2018. Thus, the participants of the EKC’22 can look forward to a kubbanized city.

Moreover, the Hanseatic town will celebrate its 800-anniversary in 2026 with many cultural events and activities (e.g. Wonnemar, Tierpark Mumpitz, Phantechnikum). Cafés, pubs and restaurants invite you for a relaxing and joyful time in the historical town. Watch the video portrait of the city here.

If you are interested in a city tour through the beautiful old town of Wismar or a boat cruise on the Poeler Kogge, please contact us by e-mail.

bürgerpark wismar

The third EKC takes place in the Bürgerpark Wismar (Zum Festplatz 4, 23966 Wismar). The park was created in 1903. In 2002 the park was renewed for the 1. Landesgartenschau from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Today, the park attracts people for different leisure time activities with an animal park next to it. The city centre and the old harbour are only a few minutes away by car, 10 minutes by bike and 25 minutes walking, as everything is so close in Wismar.

The park is dominated by a tower with a viewing platform, 28 m above the ground. The platform offers a unique view across the bay around Wismar. A 2.5 km long loop guides the visitor across the wide spaced park with Japanese cherry trees surrounding the paradise garden and the centre court for the finals of the EKC’22. A unique scenery for Kubbplayers and spectators. Almost 100 Kubb pitches will be set up next to the garden beneath the viewing platform.

Food, drinks as well as toilets will be located next to the event location within the Bürgerpark. Camping is not permitted in the park. Therefore, we provide a list with several options for accommodation (see links below). And as said, routes are short in Wismar.

Wismar Bürgerpark
Wismar Bürgerpark Turm


how to get to the tournament

  • from Hamburg via Lübeck taking the motorway/Autobahn A1 and A20 (1.5h)
  • from Berlin via Schwerin taking the motorway/Autobahn A24 and A14 (2.5h)
  • to Hamburg – then car (1.5h) or train (2h) to Wismar
  • to Berlin – then car (2.5h) or train (3.5h)
  • from Hamburg with transition in Schwerin or Bad Kleinen (2h)
  • from Berlin with ODEG, RE2 (3.5)
  • from Hamburg (1.5h)

  • from Berlin with transition in Rostock (4h)
  • from Trelleborg to Rostock (5.5h)
from Gedser to Rostock (2h)


Don’t hesitate to contact us, in case of open questions. 


where to stay the night

Wismar and its surrounding provide different options for everyone. Here you will find a selection sorted by distance to the Bürgerpark:


NOTE: During the EKC’22, the summer holidays in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and other states have already started. Therefore, we suggest to book your accommodation early!


You want to be part of the 3rd EKC? SIGN UP!

registration information

Registration fees

10.– € per player for the 1vs1-EKC and 30.– € per team for the 3vs3-EKC and the EKC Freshman’s Cup. The fees have to be paid before the tournament. Either with a money transfer in advance until the 06.06.2022 or at the information desk before the tournaments begin. 

Registration limits*

Total number of available spots for EKC22:

1vs1 EKC: 240
3vs3 EKC: 120
Freshmans Cup: 60

*Why do we set limits of registration to the tournaments? Because we attach the greatest value to an attractive and well-balanced tournament mode and process: Short waiting times, long playing times, less tie-breaks and as much fun as possible for everyone.

registered teams

this list will be updated regularly

1Blue/OrangePer Norman // Marcel Genal // Joakim Ekelöf
2Blue/Orange 2.0Alexander Olofsson // Fredrik Wallin // Tom Thomasson
3Drei HubschrauberManne Winarve // Rickard Thomasson // Tom Thomasson
4Mulde GardensMorgan Hallgren // Herje Hallgren // Rasmus Funk
5Kubb of Tea with no AdditivesPascal Meury // Michel Maouhoub // Nadine Beyeler
6HorstcrewFabian Baumgartner // Dario Ackermann // Patrik Wyss
7Ed WaldstrømStephanie Kalt // Rebecca Carlyle // Sophie Fischer
8BreitizoneMarc Binder // Patrick Rufer // Manuel Perrass
9Parate KidsClirim Jetishi // Christoph Fischer // Nicolas Vögeli
10Kubb them allJurgen Mommerency // Stefan Dossche // Henk Van Vynckt
11The KubboysNicolas Neyt // Hendrik Pisman // Steven Pisman // Kobe Neyt
12VanitasStanda Holakovský // Roman Nosek // Tomas Cvejn
13GipfelstürmerHeiko Kreuzburg // Jais Langer // Gesine Klebba
14Kubb´s not deadFanda Holada // player 2 // player 3
15M3Nicolas Eugster // Bastien Pauchard // Jerome Bruegger // Yaroslaw Dafflon
16ILTISGrit Thor // Andreas Thor // Henrik Menger
17KNS NašrotPetr Forst // Karel Souček // Patrik Velc
18TeutonenWolfgang Köhler // Olaf Klemt // Wolfgang Menger
19Jeff KubbleyAster de Meersman // Stef Steyaert // Björn Disch
20Pasar ActiefAndres Beeckman // Duncan Braeckevelt // Frank Bewaert // Domien Debergh
21de WoodysAlexander Patzer // Nils Patzer // Roman Bleschke
22FKK1Jakob Hanslik // Christopher Tiss // Richard Schwarz
23Sleeping LionsMarco Lindenschmidt // Frank Engelschahl // cc cc
24PINĎOVÉStanislav Kohoutek // Jiřina Kohoutková // Václav Srba
25jpv kubb gamesStefan Vorrink // Julian Vorrink // Christoph Fuchs
26HUSINEC GANGKateřina Kohoutková // Adam Krmela // Tomáš Nováček
27de Woodys 2.0Andreas Nelhübel // Tim Patzer // Albert Niemierski
28MYŠPULÍNIMartin Jiráň // Anna Jiráňová // Radim Kratochvíl
29ZELENÁČIJosef Srba // Monika Jeriová // Klára Srbová
30kubb-sh 1Maik Gärber // Boris Kaufmann // Sven Jähne
31kubb-sh 2Spieler 1 Spieler 1 // Spieler 2 Spieler 2 // Spieler 3 Spieler 3
32Ne Kubb SatéKim Heremans // Alex Eeckhout // Rudy Van Limbergen // Julien Heremans
33Kubb Klub JaroměřMartin Rydlo // Petr Kudlacek // Lukas Khyr
34BerlinCSKathrin Sondermann // Patric Hag // tba tba
35Kubb MonsieurStijn Slootmans // Nils Schoeters // Kenny Corsus // Yentel Castrel // Yorne Castrel // Jens Dieltjens
36Glatze Muskel ReisJacky Suter // Stefan Obrist // Roger Züst
37Kurpark Lame DucksLukas Huser // Philipp Grob // Johannes Haslimeier
38Tusen TackHolger Meier // Andreas Fach // Miguel Ehlert // Simon Würtz
39ChouffekubbersJeffrey Verhoye // Giovanni Witvrouw // Kjell Vanacker
40Royal KubbLudovic Langlois // Olivier Delannoy // Romuald Le Flem
41Chouffekubbers 1Jurgen Vandeputte // Robin Vandeputte // Dimitri Decrock
42BackubbMathias Poppe // Stijn De Schutter // Koen Sinnaeve
43SK StasegemDanny Gylain // Justine Gylain // Ronald Vancraeynest // Leon Mommerency
44Fortschritt99Björn Görlitz // Christoph Käckenmeister // Markus Brandt
45RekubblikanernaPeter Bergendahl // Gunilla Thörnwall Bergendahl // Diana Lindén // Mats Linden
46Elch im BoumBruno dos Santos // Marisa dos Santos // Monika dos Santos
47Panda-Booze-BirdDominik Huser // Thomas Meiler // Rico Peterhans
48Kubb’IngsAndreas Pieper // Robert Harnack // David Jüttke
49BSV Kubb ErkelenzSpieler Eins // Spieler Zwei // Spieler Drei
50Bündnis 1.90 – Die HünenAndreas Rehmann // Tobias Balz // Lars Binder
51King killersOpi Bosau // Norbert Bosau // Thomas Funk
52KubbMirow1Mathias Jakob // Robert Maack // Manfred Möller
53KubbMirow2Steffen Behnke // Manuela Busse // Marius Kausch
54KubbMirow3Christine Schweda // Birgit Krafft // Bastian Schweda
55KubbMirow4Mailin Thode // Helene Wehmer // Jördis Goerke
56KubbMirow5Jennifer Duft // Christopher Mohr // Sabine Krüger
57LockedyzeGhilain Wittevrongel // Johny Wildemeersch // Jan Degraeve
58VinnareTomáš Vajda // Karel Röhrich // Petra Röhrichová // Tomáš Vajda
59KubbistenJanne Ouwerkerk // Bjurn Snel // Timo Visser // Niels Benoist
60Kůzelný Kajtron naRubiMartin Šilhánek // Jana Šilhánková // Tomáš Zemánek
61Champaign CountyMartin Segerlund // Manne Godhe // Patrik Jangemo // Johan Johansson
62Cafe den HoekPeter Tielemans // Jef Van Hool // Dries Jacobs // Stefan Ooms
63skubb onder A gatDavy Stallaert // Jelle Timmermans // Jens Lietanie
65Bärolina BorussenFabian Wolfram // Johannes Haase // Sebastian Siegling
66Glashoch Rangers LengedePhil X // Marin Mühl // Heiko Duwr
67Kubb klub PoliceJosef Martinec // David Vlcek // Ota Scholz
68kubb potsdamSven Thiele // Anja Roesnick // Martin Kleßen
69LumagiJiří Kanera // Markéta Bernardova // Luboš Obrsal
70De Happy HoekersJef Busschots // Geert Goovaerts // xxx xxx
71kubb potsdam IIFelicitas Hönike // Mirko Risto // Lilian Hönike
72FloutciJosef Martinec // Pavel Franc // Jiri Kanera
73Kubb klub Police nad Metuji BTomas Mach // Natalie Vejrostova // Jakub Kubin
74LOBOS PLATEADOSAdrià Rosales Arias // Francisco José Ruíz Sanchez // Julio Andreu Magrasó // Juan Antonio Simón Ortega
75dabei is allesSven Mampe // Christin Mampe // Aldo Mampe
76Mach 3Mach Tomáš // Šolc Tomáš // Vojtěch Tomáš
77Pirates of the kubbibianWouter Maes // Jeroen Maes // Gert Verhaegen // Kim Wallaert
78De Giuseppe und sini KubbcrewGiulio Boazzo // Jonas Keller // Severin Häfliger
79kovera kubb teamNils Schoeters // Tim Van Rooy // Gert Vos // Jos Op de Beeck // Liliane Verrelst
80Morbanda VršovkaPajka Sychrovský // Radek Ježek // Majk Pieca
81KubbfalkenJeanny G. // Rimini H. // NoName NoName
82DopeJarre Forment // Jonas Steelandt // Stijn Germonpré
83SUNDKOEPPEEitel Redmer // Jens Pergande // Daniel Banse
84Die Leude kubben schonMaik Neu // Felix Wedler // Björn Kotterba
85Shoot First aka HässigAdrian Funk // Fabio Bohren // Jeffrey Murphy
86Deddes de LuxePascal Leweck // Majerus Pol // Chris Savage // Schweitzer Dan // tze tze // tze tze
87DAS.Adrian Meier // Silvan Sinersatz // Oliver Spiess
88Schon mal gespielt?!Wolfgang Bräu // Mathias Bräu // Julia Brüchle
89Auch schon mal gespielt?!Sarah Streitmatter // Andreas Müller // Alexander Huynh
90Gegen uns hätten wir auch gewonnenLeif Christoph // Julia Steinhorst // Tba Tba
911.KC GlaubeOliver Rieckhoff // Sarah Rieckhoff // Thomas Rieckhoff

Waiting list:

1Kubbulus NImbusJennifer Gruber // Katrin Zocher // Andreas Diestelberger
2Dipl. Ing. DiscopanzerMichael Resch // Bernhard Forstenlechner // Philipp Panholzer
3Kraken kubbCindy Bornsiak // Serge Vente // Nicolas Levesque
4Lockedyze 2Heidi Dequirez // Dieter Vandaele // Stijn Sergier
5Getafe Alternativo 2Alberto Diomede // Luis Muñiz Rodríguez // Teresa Zafra Trapero
6KubbcatJohannes Krammer // Georg Grabmaier // Andrea Grabmaier // Manfred Hesch
7Absolute BeginnerDaniela Fischer // Michael Fischer // Marion Fischer // Dietmar Fischer
8Füchse WahrstorfKatja Patzer // Sabrina Nelhübel // Tim Patzer // Andreas Nelhübel
9ChlotzchönigeJanik Scheu // Simone Kummer // Adrian Trösch
10LOBOS PLATEADOSAdrià Rosales Arias // Francisco José Ruíz Sanchez // Julio Andreu Magrasó // Juan Antonio Simón Ortega
11LumagiMarketa Bernardova // Jiří Kanera // Lubos Obrsal
12keinplan aka rasiertCorinne Krähenbühl // Rebecca Rauber // Simone Bieri
13koveraEvita Osier // Geert Heremens // Shari De Win // Eric Corsus // Liliane Verrelst
14drü grossi bierJoël Schibli // Noah Binkert // Benjamin Frei
15The Kubban CigarsDan Holliday // Jenna Hulme // Charlie Rathmell // Kate Albrecht
16CrandemFrank Augrandjean // P K // John Carroll // Tristan Mallet
17Team SaterietStaffan Vestberg // August Vestberg // Albin Vestberg
18Binkom BasterdsNoel Beckers // Filip Fontaine // Thieu Beckers // Mathijs Fontaine // Noel Beckers
19IronhradHagen Bastling // Michael Rath // Carolin Bastling
20ÜberflügerSibylle Meier // Anita Bleiker // Jill Skarvan
21Bekubbst Derop!!!Hans Van Den Eynde // Brend Van Den Eynde // Kristof Hellinckx
1Nicolas Neyt
2Per Norman
3Marc Binder
4Jürgen Mommerency
5Fredrik Wallin
6Fabian Baumgartner
7Yentel Castrel
8Marcel Genal
9Stefan Obrist
10Stefan Dossche
11Alexander Olofsson
12Christoph Fischer
13Kenny Corsus
14Tom Thomasson
15Lukas Huser
16Kim Heremans
17Joakim Ekelöf
18Stijn Slootmans
19Johan Lundin
20Manuel Perrass
21Jelle Timmermans
22Jacky Suter
23Henk Van Vynckt
24Roger Züst
25Alex Eeckhout
26Davy Stallaert
27Michael Gysin
28Steven Pisman
29Patrick Rufer
30Ghilain Wittevrongel
31Manne Winarve
32Johannes Haslimeier
33Stijn Germonpré
34Rickard Thomasson
35Dario Ackermann
36Leon Mommerency
37Kristofer Funk
38Nicolas Vögeli
39Jeroen Maes
40Peter Bergendahl
41Patrik Wyss
42Kobe Neyt
43Morgan Hallgren
44Philipp Grob
45Justine Gylain
46Herje Hallgren
47Clirim Jetishi
48Nils Schoeters
49Rasmus Funk
50Michel Maouhoub
51Frank Bewaert
52Sophie Fischer
53Jonas Keller
54Cyrill Füglister
55Patrik Velc
56David Svitil
57Andreas Thor
58Mady Thor
59Maik Gärber
60Standa Holakovský
61Alberto Diomede
62Roman Nosek
63Nicolas Eugster
64Fanda Holada
65Richard Schwarz
66Jakob Hanslik
67Manfred Hesch
68Stanislav Kohoutek
69Marco Lindenschmidt
70Alexander Patzer
71Bernhard Forstenlechner
72Stefan Vorrink
73Jais Langer
74Olaf Klemt
75Jiřina Kohoutková
76Olivier Delannoy
77Andreas Diestelberger
78Kateřina Kohoutková
79Patric Hag
80Petr Forst
81Nils Patzer
82Heiko Kreuzburg
83Wolgang Köhler
84Adam Krmela
85Karel Souček
86Katrhin Sondermann
87Julian Vorrink
88Václav Srba
89Roman Bleschke
90Philipp Panholzer
91Wolfgang Menger
92Josef Srba
93Michael Resch
94Christopher Tiss
95Monika Jeriová
96Johannes Kramer
97Andreas Nelhübel
98Christoph Fuchs
99Georg Grabmaier
100Cindy Bornsiak
101Klára Srbová
102Radim Kratochvíl
103Tomáš Cvejn
104Erich Kempka
105Luis Muñiz Rodríguez
106Teresa Zafra Trapero
107Petr Kudláček
108Jörg Kolberg
109Martin Rýdlo
110Sven Jähne
111Ludovic Langlois
112Lukáš Khýr
113Nicolas Levesque
114Holger Meier
115Andreas Fach
116Björn Görlitz
117Robert Maack
118Christoph Käckenmeister
119Markus Brandt
120Bastian Schweda
121Christine Maack
122Bruno dos Santos
123Marc Pazdzior
124Thomas Funk
125Gunilla Thörnwall Bergendahl
126Norbert Bosau
127Serge Vente
128wolfgang bosau
129Manny Möller
130Helene Wehmer
131Andreas Pieper
132Janne Ouwerkerk
133Bjurn Snel
134Timo Visser
136Sergio Avila Garcia
137Jef Busschots
138Oliver Spiess
139Martin Segerlund
140Andres Beeckman
141Pascal Meury
142Manne Godhe
143Dimitri Decrock
144Tomáš Zemánek
145Patrik Jangemo
146Hendrik Pisman
147Björn Disch
148Karel Röhrich
149Jens Lietanie
150Rebecca Carlyle
151Petra Röhrichova
152Joran Witvrouw
153Giulio Boazzo
154Tomáš Vajda
155Domien Debergh
156Dries Jacobs
157Jef Van hool
158Frédéric Homerin
159Stef Steyaert
160Bastien Pauchard
161Duncan Braeckevelt
162Jerome Brugger
163Jan Degrave
164Lars Binder
165Gunther Filet
166Andreas Rehmann
167Fabian Demey
168Nico Schaepper
169Danny Gylain
170Peter Tielemans
171Tobias Balz
172Yorne Castrel
173Marisa dos Santos
174Jeffrey Verhoye
175Dominik Huser
176Stefan Ooms
177Rudy Van Limbergen
178Kahukura Weber
179Rambo Pinngpongfluit
180Julien Heremans
181Ronald Van Craeynest
182Kjell Vanacker
183Koen Sinnaeve
184Stijn De schutter
185Aster De Meersman
186Jurgen Vandeputte
187Gert Vos
188Mathias Poppe
189Jonas Steelandt
190Giovanni Witvrouw
191Johny Wildemeersch
192David Jüttke
193Romuald Le Flem
194Mathias Jakob
195Janik Scheu
196Adrian Trösch
197Boris Kaufmann
198Yaroslaw Dafflon
199Tomáš Nováček
200Adrian Funk
201Sven Thiele
202Malte Weber
203Christopher Mohr
204Ota Scholz
205Anja Roesnick
206Petr Scholz
207Jakub Kubín
208Josef Martinec
209David Vlcek
210Pavel Franc
212Juan Antonio Simón Ortega
213Fabio Bohren
214Adrià Rosales Arias
215Francisco José Ruíz Sanchez
216Natálie Vejrostová
217Robert Harnack
218Tomáš Mach
219Bobby Wächter
220Jarre Forment
221Mats Lindén
222Dominic Minger
223Martin Kleßen
224Pajka Sychrovský
225Radek Ježek
226Severin Häfliger
227Joël Schibli
228Noah Binkert
229Benjamin Frei
230Nadine Beyeler
231Jeffrey Murphy
232Pascal Leweck
233Pol Majerus
234Chris Savage
235Wolfgang Bräu
236Matthias Fesser
237Tuula Fesser
238Leif Christoph
239Norman Kosijungan
240Silvio Rügen

Waiting list:

241wolfgang (opi) bosau
242Oliver Rieckhoff
243Fiona Büttgen
244Martino Wisnewski
245Tim Patzer
246Christian Weber
1Belgium 1
2Switzerland 1
3Germany 1
4Sweden 1
5Czech Republic 1
6Austria 1
7France 1
8Spain 1
9United Kingdom 1


This year's organizing committee


Big thanks to this year's supporters