EKC 2024

The 5th European Kubb Championships

We are proud to announce that the 5th edition of the European Kubb Championships will be held on the 5th and 6th of July 2024 in Hradec Králové, Czech Republic. The tournament includes the 1vs1-EKC, the 3vs3-EKC, the 6vs6-EKC and the EKC Freshman’s Cup – a 3vs3 tournament for amateurs and less ambitious teams.

The goal of the EKC is the support of the national spirit of every Kubb nation. Therefore the teams and players won’t just fight for themselves – they will earn points for their nation, trying to win the overall medal count and therefore win the EKC as the best European nation of Kubb!


two days full of HIGH QUALITY kubb

The official start of the EKC’24 will take place with the opening ceremony at the tournament area on Thursday (4th of July 2024). The tournament will start on Friday morning (05th of July 2024). 

We would really appreciate, if many Kubb friends will take part on the opening ceremony on Thursday  and look forward to a great time in Hradec Králové.

*Note that some changes to the schedule may be possible. 


Hradec Králové – the place to play Kubb

Hradec Králové is an university county city of Czech Republic with about 94,000 inhabitants, situated 100 km to the east from Prague. The historical centre of Hradec Králové is well preserved and is protected by law as an urban monument reservation, the wider centre is protected as an urban monument zone.

Hradec Králové lies at the confluence of the Elbe and the Orlice rivers. The municipal territory is rich in small fish ponds. The historical city centre is located around square Velké náměstí, where all the most valuable historic buildings are located. The main landmark of Hradec Králové and the most important monument is the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, built in 1307. Very populár place is Náplavka, a place by the river Elbe in city centre, where also kubb is played.

City centre offers different variations of sightseeing, shopping, many nice restaurants and sport activities. Also there is big variety of interesting trips around the city. For trip tips we will prepare special article with best tips close and further for all attendants. But really must see place is city Adršpach, famous rock city (biggest in Europe), protected as national nature heritage.

Adršpach rock city is located 80km from Hradec Králové. We recommend early bookings as it is very popular place not only for Czechs.

Tournament will take place at biggest city park Šimkovy sady, located directly in city centre. You can reach all important things to see, do and buy just by walk.


how to get to the tournament

Everyone has GPS in mobile nowadays, which gets you there. But important to notice is: although our highways are not in top shape, they are paid! 10 days vignette costs around 15€. Buy it online here before your journey and set activation date:

There is a parking house next to the tournament location on roundabout on street Šimkova. Hotel guests around will use hotel parking. There is a free car park, also for campers, at our partner Hotel Aldis, just across the road.

Fly to Prague and then take the bus directly from terminal 2 to Hlavní nádraží (main train station). Change to train to Hradec Králové main station – hlavní nádraží. Then use public transport, take taxi, or walk 2,5km through city centre.

If you prefer bus on your way from Prague to Hradec Králové, you need to use underground to station Florenc or Černý most and there change to bus.

Direct buses from Hradec Králové main train station to the tournament:

  • Bus 13 and 19 to stop Kongresové centrum Aldis
  • Bus 11 to stop Šimkovy sady

https://www.100taxi.cz/ Tel.: +420 605 123 456
Around Hradec Králové (up to 5km and 4 people) for 100CZK/4€

We will also offer transport from airport to the tournament, or to your accommodation at reasonable costs for smaller groups up to 8 people. We cannot guarantee it will be available for everyone, but surely will share all possibilities. To find out price and booking, send us your arrival time and number of passengers to e-mail: transferkubb.cze@gmail.com

Deadline for booking the EKC Kubbbeer Airport Express is 10.06.2024.


Tip: On this link you can plan your journey, it combines all possible transports, if you check them all, including city transport. Nearest tournament city bus stop is Kongerosové centrum Aldis, which takes you directly to the tournament place. >>> https://idos.idnes.cz/en/vlakyautobusymhdvse/spojeni/

Don’t hesitate to contact us, in case of open questions. 


where to stay the night

There is a wide choice of different types of accomodations in Hradec Králové, that you can book through common platforms, such as booking.com, Airbnb and Tripadvisor.


But don’t miss the special offer from our partner hotels: 15% discount for participants of the EKC24! See the hotels section below for details.
If you need help with booking in Czech (some websites are not in English), send an e-mail with requested place, days and how many persons to czechkubb@gmail.com with subject “EKC acccommodation”. We will do our best to help you.

Special offer from our partner hotels: 15% discount for participants of the EKC24! Our two partner hotels Aldis and Tereziánský dvůr are located just across the road of the tournament. Free parking is included.

As both hotels already are fully booked, you cannot book through their website. Please send an e-mail with the desired number of rooms and dates to: aldis@eahotels.cz It is the same e-mail address for both hotels.

Make sure to include the promo code KUBB to receive a discount of 15%!

This offer is valid until 30.04.2024. We strongly recommend to book until end of April, as many hotels will be fully booked soon, due to another large event, which takes place in the city in July.

For those who prefer camping or staying in chalets or apartments by the water, we recommend Apartmány Stříbrňák. It is 6km from the tournament, but easily reachable by taxi. 

Restaurant tips from local kubbers with nice food, tank beer and burgers. The same people will also serve you at the tournament:
Prefer Indian food? Must visit this one:


You want to be part of the 5th EKC? SIGN UP!

registration information

Registration fees

500.– CZK / 20.- EUR per player for the 1vs1-EKC and 1200.– CZK / 50.- EUR per team for the 3vs3-EKC and the EKC Freshman’s Cup. The fees have to be paid by money transfer before the tournament, payment at the tournament site will not be possible. You will receive detailed payment instructions with the registration confirmation e-mail.

Registration deadline

Registration deadline is on 30th of June 2024.

Registration limits*

To ensure that every country gets a fair chance to be part of the EKC and to have a great diversity of participating nations, the following rule applies to the 1vs1 EKC and the 3vs3 EKC. In the first phase of registration (4 weeks) there is a maximum limit of allowed registrations per country:

Hosting country (Czech Republic): 30%
All other countries: 10%

The national associations have the right to provide a list with registered players/teams of their country before the first phase of registration starts. After reaching the limit, additional players/teams are put on the waiting list. After 4 weeks, the waiting list is merged into the registration list. Free spots will be filled up in order of registration, with different countries taking turn.

Public registration opens on 07th of February 19:00 CET, Phase 2 of the registration will start on 06th of March, 19:00 CET

The Freshmans Cup doesn’t have registration limits per country.

Total number of available spots for EKC24:

1vs1 EKC: 280
3vs3 EKC: 120
Freshmans Cup: 80

*Why do we set limits of registration to the tournaments? Because we attach the greatest value to an attractive and well-balanced tournament mode and process: Short waiting times, long playing times, less tie-breaks and as much fun as possible for everyone.

registered teams

find all registered players and teams on the following page:


This year's organizing committee